About the Founders


Paul SchwennesenPaul Schwennesen is a southern Arizona rancher and director of the Agrarian Freedom Project.

Paul holds a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University and a dual Bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy. He appears frequently on FOX Business News, and is a regular contributor to the Property and Environment Research Center. His writing has appeared in The Freeman, The Tucson Citizen, Stockman Grass Farmer, Master Resource, and The Huffington Post.






On the Deck Katie Meiklejohn is a Montana-based Conservation Biologist, Facilitator, Rangeland Health Consultant and Associate Director for the Agrarian Freedom Project.

Katie has Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Columbia University and has spent the last 7 years working on landscape-scale sustainability and conservation. For the past two years, Katie has focused her energy on rangeland issues, working with ranching communities to build economic and ecological resilience in the face of myriad environmental and market-based challenges. Katie is a graduate of the TREC Leadership Training Program and a Kinship Conservation Fellow.