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Conservation Development

As part of our goal to keep large, working landscapes whole, we have engaged in a seemingly paradoxical concept: Conservation Development.

We recognize that many productive agricultural enterprises are marginally solvent, and that the temptation to capitalize on the inherent real estate values is strong. Consequently, many farms and ranches succumb to the “sell out” proposal and are parceled into non-productive, semi-urban residential development.

We think there is a better way.

Under our model, a farm or ranch can offer spectacular home sites and generate respectable returns while simultaneously keeping the operation in agricultural use. Not only does the concept keep farms and ranches intact, but it allows buyers the opportunity to directly live on the land and participate in a meaningful way.

In short, our “package” concept generally consists of three parts:

Encouraged “tiny” home (free plans)
10-20 acre parcel (unfenced)
Access to the rest of the operation (10,000 acres)

First Offering2-10

Black Jack Creek (2 sites)

20+ acre homestead site, huge setting

  • The offering combines all the advantages of owning a large ranch without the attendant disadvantages (the full ranch would cost $2M+, plus tremendous upkeep expense).
  • Tiny Home encouraged (plans available gratis).
  • 10,000 acre working cattle operation (ColdCreekRanch.org).
  • Exclusive access to private ranch lands (1,100acres).
  • Primary (keyed) access points to public lands entry (Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona State Land: 9,000 acres of ranch lease land).
  • Conservation easement protects the immediate housing envelope area.

Offer price: $64,000

First Homestead recently completed!

View of the homesite under construction, and a beautiful, albeit rare, light dusting of snow.


Gallery Images

Conscientious design, living with the land in a state of responsible stewardship

  • House is designed with water harvesting, gray water, and solar in mind. Easy to jump “off-grid.”
  • Currently connected to commercial electricity and gas.
  • Well water.
  • Cow-calf cattle operation, managed/operated by Schwennesen Family.
  • 4,600’ to 7,500’ elevation. Home site 6 minutes from Ponderosa pines.
  • Native grassland, mixed juniper savanna.
  • Site is designed to maintain a clean, open living aesthetic that allows for wildlife movement as well as working cattle operations.
Ranch Covenants exclude:
  •   Off-road motorized access
  •   Fence parcelization (yard/garden allowed)
  •   Excessive outbuildings
  •   Excessive vehicles
  •   Excessive noise
Covenants include:
  • Provision for horse herding/boarding
  • Ranch participation
  • Details available upon earnest offer
  • Provision for responsible building/additions
Site Location:
  • 2.5 hours to Tucson Int’l Airport
  • 3 hours to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • 40 Minutes to San Francisco River hot springs
  • Site lies directly upon the Mogollon Rim, easy access to trails
  • 6 minutes from Greenlee County Regional Airport (Gulf Stream Capable)
  • Access to home is paved via Hwy 78 (Mule Creek Highway), driveway is roughly 30 yards of gravel (no four-wheel drive necessary)

Rotational Grazing | Holistic Management

We engage in proven land husbandry practices and care deeply about land and watershed health.

  • Home lies on the edge of Apache-Sitgreaves Forest (US National Forest).
  • Roughly 5 miles from actual trail traversed by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado (1540).
  • Formative first regional assignment for famed naturalist Aldo Leopold (1909).
  • 45 minutes from the Gila Wilderness (First designated wilderness area in the United States).
  • Previous home to Mimbres Apache (17th-19th century) and the Mogollon Puebloan Peoples (ca. 12th century).
Nota Bene:
  • House sits on banks of Blackjack Creek, a semi-perennial stream (runs up to 10 months per year).
  • Established riparian trees (sycamore, ash, cottonwood).
  • Horses allowed under contract (corrals available).
  • World-class road and/or mountain biking, hiking, and hunting (Mule Deer, Scaley/Mearns quail).


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